Insuring your vehicle for a short period can be difficult

Although insurance is not compulsory in New Zealand, we do not sell vehicles to people without organising third party insurance at time of sale. As a responsible business we do this to protect you and other parties should you be involved in an accident while in New Zealand. We provide policies over 3 - 12 months and with varying excess liability per accident or damage based on the value of the vehicle.

We have partnered with Travellers Car Insurance. Together, we will help you get your vehicle insured before you drive out of the yard!

What is third party insurance?

Third party insurance protects you against claims from another party if you cause an accident and damage their vehicle or property. Third party insurance means you will not be liable to pay for the other person's damage.

How much does third party insurance cost?

Depending on the vehicle value and the duration of your stay in New Zealand, the cost of third-party insurance will be between NZD $200 - $500. One of friendly team members will discuss this with you when you arrive at our branch.